Over the last few weeks I have been introducing my kids to the wonderful world that Lucas dreamt up a long, long time ago…

I remember seeing the movies when I was a kid and being taken to another world that was somewhat familiar but very very different. From droids to holograms, space flight to blasters, Lucas created a new world for me to dream about.

I started by telling the stories to my kids – the highlights, but nothing too spoilery. I began to tell them the stories and they had questions that I didn’t have as a child of the 70’s. The tech was familiar to them, the thought of a robot walking around was nothing they hadn’t seen at Innoventions in Disneyland. But despite the galaxy not being so far away, the stories still grabbed their attention.

After telling them the stories in Machete Order, we watched the first movie and are now reading through the novelization on my Kindle. Watching the movies and reading the book through their eyes has been like a flashback to my childhood.

George Lucas may not have given me the prequel trilogy of my dreams, but I am still grateful he brought me and my kids the world he did.


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