Today marks the first day of WonderCon, and the first post on here in a long time. The great thing about this Con is that it is close enough and cheap enough that I can bring the whole family. And I think it is important as a parent that I give my kids a chance to see and experience true geek culture.

I am currently sitting in room 208, waiting for the first session to begin, Spiritual Themes in Comics. While there family is exploring the exhibit hall. Finding lies of things they want to buy. Oh they do take after their father, I am so proud.

I am excited that this Con is starting with, for me and a room full of my closest friends, a panel that is looking at the intersection of Faith and Geekery. Not only a great way to begin a Con, but a great way to remember the Amazing event of Easter, which we are also celebrating and remembering this weekend.


I am a Husband, Father, Tech, and above all else, a Disciple of Christ.