A zeal to share something close to you comes in many forms from long winded stories about your character from your favorite game, a blurb about your favorite coffee shop or handing out tracts to neighborhood kids trick-or-treating at Halloween. The important thing about Evangelism is that you need to understand your audience. This is clear in Bible in Acts 17:16-34 when Paul was in Athens he used their religious context to share the information he wanted to share.

All to often I think we as Christians get the same reaction to our love of sharing Christ as the character in this comic gets about sharing his stories. This is simply in my opinion because we try to share the love of Christ the wrong way. If we simply live out our life in the Fullness of Christ then we wouldn’t have to stand on a soapbox to get people interested in the transformational love of Christ.

Don’t get me wrong I do truly believe in the mission of the Church to go and make disciples, but I think we have to understand that relationally we will have more of an impact then bombardment.

Let Me Tell You About My Character – DORK TOWER 22.07.13.


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