Nine times in chapter one of Genesis, we read the word “Let.” Each time it is when God creates something new and amazing, beginning with Genesis 1:3; “Let there be light” and ending with Genesis 1:26; “Let us make mankind in our image.”

Creation is a key theme in Genesis and I would say a key trait that God passed on to us when we were created in His Image.

The ability to create or be creative is something that I cherish deeply and passing that on to my kids is a strong desire.

We can create in different ways, and my kids love all kinds of art, but the latest endeavor is the art of coding.

My daughter started using Scratch today. After spending an hour and a half developing a story and putting in commands she allowed me to see her creation. The above picture is about 20 minutes in and she was adding her second sprite.

Watching her design and code made me think of how wonderful God is to give us the ability to think and create.


I am a Husband, Father, Tech, and above all else, a Disciple of Christ.